Our Mentality

Rebellion > Status Quo

Principles > Profit

Kindness > Commodity

Friendship > Competition

Stories > Hype

DIY > Outsourcing

This is the website for the company called Kind Punk.

This is the main page site section where we explain what/who we are. Admittedly that’s kind of tough for us to easily communicate.

Practically speaking, we’re two guys (+ an entire community) making films, art and brand content within alternative/rock n’ roll culture, informed by southern hospitality. In spirit, though, we’re something more than a business, less than a movement, and similar to a philosophy.

We operate based on three main

approaches to life and work.


When you throw out the rulebook, you have to figure out your own path towards success. Nobody else will do it for you. So we embrace doing it ourselves.

Southern Hospitality

Love the south (hate the racists). We were taught that you always look out for your neighbors, and you always go above and beyond in what you offer and how you can serve others.

Rock n’ Roll

In this circle pit called life, we’ve always found a home in rock music and alternative culture. It’s where we live and work, and where we feel at home.