Southern Hospitality Meets Punk Rock Creativity.

Two misfits get fed up with the mundane. They start a film production company/marketing agency that is for and from the underdogs. It turns into something bigger; a larger creative community and communal living space.

Punk Rock DIY Attitude + Southern Hospitality + Creative Freedom = Kind Punk

What do we do?

Music Videos

Lyric Videos


Art Direction & Branding

(album art, t-shirt designs, logo marks, so on)

Marketing, Promotion & Management

(Ad campaigns, EPKs, album/project crowdfund campaigns, marketing direction)

Concert & Event Promotion/Hosting

(aka having cool parties at the Kind Punk House)

Kick Ass

See Some of Our Work

We grew up in the underground. Our heroes and mentors taught us to celebrate differences, critique culture, tell the truth, love life and dream big.

Kind Punk is more community than company, more of an attitude than a business plan, and more support and encouragement than a race to the top. In a world of cold competition our work stays put in creative cooperation.

Friends of KindPunk

We’re surrounded by great people and organizations around the Atlanta area and around the country. These are some people we’ve been proud as hell to work with and call friends.