The Kind Punk House

Creativity, Community, Chaos

What the hell is this?

Well here’s the quick version. October 2018 we (Nathan and James) were talking. It went something along the lines of, “I know we’ve made casual mention of how cool it would be to start an awesome house, but… do you want to actually do it?” And we did it.

The idea was to create a space that would be a natural extension of Kind Punk as a “business” (although we don’t see ourselves primarily as business people), that would benefit the creative community around us as well as a select few who would take up residence.

There’s a firm belief here that the biggest hindrances from amazing art are A) the barrier to entry is too high and B) it’s too scary to fail when you’re on your own. So we make it as easy as possible to chase after what you want, and we make sure you’ve got some support and camaraderie as you do it. At least that’s the goal.

What We’re Working With

  • 6 Bedrooms for people currently working full-time or with a direct goal to become full-time in a creative field.
  • Co-working space for a number of people at any given time (with included coffee, fiber internet and plenty of space)
  • A “studio” (really a lame single car garage). Different colored paper backdrops and lighting for photoshoots, audition taping, stylized film scenes, whatever
  • Large backyard with porch, shed, two trampolines, and more to come

If you'd like to get in touch or learn more about the Kind Punk house, hit us up.

Meet the Crew

This is the lot currently living in The Kind Punk House.


Nathan Mowery

What’s crackin’ y’all? My name is Nathan Mowery. I created Kind Punk as an alternative production company to all the boring ones with lameness. It’s all about rule breakin’ filmmakin’ and southern hospitality. Kindness is a revolt against an unkind and often unfun production world. Don’t forget why we made art to begin with. So let’s live fast and die fun, but before we do let’s make something together!
Filmmaker, DDP Yoga

Trevor Hancock

What’s up I’m Trevor! I’m a freelance filmmaker fueled by nostalgia and memes. I love telling stories and helping people tell theirs. If you like the 80’s aesthetic or punk rock then I’m the guy for you.
Kind Punk Partner, Freelance Lizard Person

James Wightman

Been doing things 'OK' since '89. Main thing I want in life is to make cool shit with my friends as long as I can until I have to sell out and go straight. I'm an award-winning filmmaker (voted most artistic in my whole school in 6th grade), and equally as likely to shotgun a beer as I am to have a conversation about postmodern enlightenment.
Local IT Guy

Chas McBee

Can this be my bio? Lol

Hey James I suck at bios, just say something like, born in the backwoods of Tennessee with dreams of big cities and makin movies. And add that I’m an IT guy by day.

Filmmaker, DDP Yoga

Mekahla Peterson

I'm a midwesterner who does indeed say "Ope Sorry" almost every single day. I'm an editor and aspiring director who enjoys telling people's stories. Also known by the name Susie Quinn in Canton Georgia, because of my overnight rise to the middle as part of Southern Honor Wrestling.
Filmmaker, DDP Yoga

Robert Peak

Hey I'm Robert. I began my career with low power TV, where I carved out independent shows with friends. I moved to Atlanta and currently act as a camera op and colorist for DDP Yoga and All Elite Wrestling on TNT Drama. My main focus is on building up new artists and cutting films that feel like good albums.