Music Videos

Music videos aren’t all we do, but in some sense they’re the backbone of it and one of the main things people think of when they think KindPunk. As far as we’re concerned a kickass music video is one of the most valuable things a band or artist can have, and one of the coolest forms of artistic expression out there.


Documenting rock n’ roll and other alternative lifestyles does two primary things for us. One, it’s fun as hell, and who doesn’t want to make money having fun? Two, it de-stigmatizes and gives good representation to the weirdos, the misfits, the rule breakers and counter cultural people that we look up to.

Lyric Videos

Some people think of lyric videos as the ‘little brother’ to music videos. Not us. We think of them as a fun sandbox of creativity. There’s very few rules outside of what your imagination can cook up.

Also, at the end of the day, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and compelling content gets rewarded.

Artwork & Branding

While we primarily consider ourselves filmmakers, we do a *LOT* of other work as well. Art direction and brand development is included in that. Logos, album art, and merch/shirt designs are some of our favorite examples.

Marketing & Promotional Content

There’s content, and then there’s content. It’s easy to ignore or get lazy with the second one, but we also specialize in things like event promos, trailers and social media ads. We can also run your campaigns as well. Managing crowdfunding campaigns, making EPKs, stuff like that.